Slim is Simple? – A Response to Yesterdays Post

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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Hi everyone! I just got this awesome clip sent to me by a friend in response to yesterdays post about counting calories vs healthy food. This clip talks a lot more in depth about what I was trying to convey yesterday – but in a really great audiovisual way. I love this way of learning! See for yourself.

I agree with most of the information in the clip and a lot of it is just common sense (to me at least..). But there is one thing quite vital that he does not mention, as a reason why we weigh so much more today when there are more diets and exercise programs than ever before. We live in a consumer society. We no longer have to hunt for food – the food almost hunts us down! Wherever we go there are food in abundance, always just a small purchase away. We never have to go hungry today, we are simply not always full, but never really hungry.

The sad part about this abundance is that the poor quality food (a.k.a. mass produced crap) is what is so cheap and accessible. Go to any mall or downtown avenue out there and look around. Fast food chains on every corner – cheap, fast and convenient. And it is hard to resist for most of us! Well now, watch the clip and tell me what you think.

Another thanks goes to Primalisten who also wrote a good article about this (in Swedish) and who also has a great blog about a healthy lifestyle. (I might just steal some of his recipes to share with you guys!)




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